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Advice and consulting on engineering projects for luxury yachts

In The United States

In different areas of the principal and auxiliary machinery of your vessel, we can offer initial evaluation, inspection, replacement of components / preventive maintenance in the following areas:

Bottom Inspection:

We monitor and evaluate the performance of your ultrasonic antifouling system and fast release fouling paint.

We provide you video footage and photography for customer and maintenance planning reference on SD Card.
Hull Inspection $ 85 USD x hr.

Yacht Bottom Cleaning

1. Vessels with Ultrasonic Antifouling system:

If your vessel is going to be stationary It is recommended to remove the biofilm from the hull surface on a regular basis to prevent green algae growth and dirt marks that are a common thing around yachts docking for extended periods of time around the FL inland waterways, Marinas and shipyards.
We use the latest and most effective film and bio growth removal tools on the market at half of the price and time compared to a boat that has traditional Antifouling and Running gear protection.

1st time cleaning: $1.75 USD x ft (Ultrasonic Antifouling protected boats Only)
1 Regular Bottom cleaning: $1.50 USD x ft (Monthly cleaning Ultrasonic Antifouling protected boats Only)

2. Vessels with conventional Antifouling system cleaning: $ 2.50 USD x ft)

3. Vessels with heavily fouled hulls: $90 USD per hour.

Underwater Cavitation Cleaning:

Environmentally Friendly and More Efficient


We clean Hulls, propellers, Drivelines, Rudders, Trim Tabs, Bow Thrusters and Boat Stabilizers.

Marinas/Private Docks:

Seawalls, Wood Piling, Concrete Pilars, Ladders, Plastic Floating Docks

Zincs monitoring and replacement:

We update you on the condition of your sacrificial anodes providing you ahead of time notifications if replacement or repairs are required.

Zincs Replacement $85 USD x hr.

Reference Electrode Hull and underwater components protection Survey (Coming Soon)

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