Max prop Saildrive para trasmisiones: Yanmar/Volvo/Sillete/ZF

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From $ 1950 to $4250USD


  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Externally adjustable pitch
  • Outstanding reverse
  • Low drag under sail

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  • Anti-shock dampening device
  • 2-3 &4 blade designs
  • Ships fully assembled for easy installation inside or outside of the water
  • Designed to fit sail drives from Volvo, Yanmar, Twin Disc, ZF, Sillete or Bukh
  • Simple pitch adjustment, no disassembly needed
  • 2 blade models offer the least drag so are ideal for racers or small cruising boats
  • 3 and 4 blade models offer more power and eliminate vibrations
  • Available from 14” to 20” diameter.


Velox plus antifouling paint and application service from $195-$225. Black or white color.

Dimensions & measurements

Available on

2-3 or 4: blade configurations.

Max 80: HP engines

70mm to 90mm: hub

14” to 20” : propeller diameter.

Designed to fit Volvo/Yanmar/Twin Disc/ZF/Sillete or Bukh sail drives


Bronze casting

What makes this product special?

  • In the market since the early 1970’s
  • High quality casting parts
  • A dampening device is installed internally on all max prop “easy antishock” propellers. his device is essential for preventing shock loads while engaging the drive forward or reverse.



Max prop Saildrive para trasmisiones: Yanmar/Volvo/Sillete/ZF