Kiwi grip

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From $ 49 to $ 162 USD. Presentations of 1 and 4 Gallons per jar. Includes 1 application roller.


Kiwi Grip is a revolutionary, durable, non-slip coating that spreads quickly and easily with our patented roller, offering a beautiful high-traction surface. By varying the application technique, the texture can be adjusted from a “pleasure boat” texture to a “work boat” texture with aggressive industrial grip.

As a homogeneous material, Kiwi Grip does not suffer from the problems encountered with products based on sand, nutshells, polymers, rubber particles or other fillers. Filler coatings tend to wear out and fillers fall off leaving an unsafe platform that is difficult to clean and even more difficult to recoat.

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  • Non-slip water-based coating.
  • Low gloss IR reflective finish, Does not apply to black or custom colors.
  • Non-toxic, without volatile solvents.
  • Easy to apply


  • Pontoon Boats
  • Fishing vessels
  • Sailboats
  • Aluminum boats
  • Steel boats
  • Fiberglass boats
  • Wooden boats
  • Residential decks and walkways
  • Amphibious ships
  • Docks
  • Industrial Labor Safety
  • Rowing sports
  • Concrete


White, Gray, Cream, Blue, Black.


Coverage of 20 square feet per liter
Covering 80 square feet per 4 liters.

What makes this product special?

  • Traction made an art
  • Easy Cleaning, Only soap and water.