Ecoworks starter kit

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Ecoworks Starter kit comes with all the product line in specific sizes (see description below). Most of the products are concentrated so It will last for a while

Ecoworks Starter kit comes with all the product line in these specific sizes:

  • Ecosuperyacht wash 1L – CONCENTRATED dilute 1/200 (4 capfulls to 10 Lt)
    NEW thicker formula. Low sudding general purpose boat cleaner.

  • Ecofogbuster 1L –
    Biodegradable drain cleaner and grey water additive. Eliminate and control blockage and odor problems caused by Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG)

  • Ecoengine cleaner 1L – CONCENTRATED dilute 1/50 down to 1/10
    Biodegradable and phosphate free highly concentrated liquid to remove toughest grease.

  • Ecoteak deck cleaner 1L – CONCENTRATED dilute 1/10 to 1/20
    Powerful teak deck cleaner without the chemicals PH Neutral method to revitalize and protect teak decks.

  • Ecoall-surface cleaner 1L – COINCENTRATED dilute 1/10 to 1/20
    Perfect use for anywhere on board. An environmentally responsible answer to all surface cleaning

  • Ecobilge cleaner 1L – CONCENTRATED dilute 1/50 down to1/10
    Phosphate-free bilge cleaner Responsible answer for the removal and dispersal of fuel oils.

  • Ecowashroom + head cleaner 1L – CONCENTRATED dilute 1/10 to 1/20
    Beneficial bacteria and biodegradable surfactants. A natural fresh deodorizer and cleaner.

  • Ecolaundry Liquid 1L –
    Phosphate-free laundry detergent. Powerful washing results, at any temperature. Easily removes grease and dirt from clothing and other fabrics.

  • Ecovarnish wood cleaner and wax 1L –
    Biodegradable and phosphate free. Natural cleaner and polish for all varnished surfaces.

  • Ecofabric cleaner 1L –
    Fully biodegradable and environmentally safe. A biological soft surface stain remover and deep cleaner.

  • Econatural sanitiser 1L –
    Phosphate-free and ultimately biodegradability. Surface sanitizer an excellent eco alternative to traditional disinfectants.

  • Ecoglass cleaner 1L –
    Phosphate-free to ultimate biodegradability. Effective, marine safe cleaning liquid.

  • Ecorib cleaner 1L –
    Solvent free rib cleaner. Ecorib cleaner will not weaken or damage materials.

  • Ecowashing-up Liquid 1L –
    Biodegradable and phosphate free. Leaves dishes clean and streak free, while kind to the environment.

  • Ecoworks Marine Trigger Spray – Bottle 600 ml


Our responsibility is to create consciousness in the yachting industry, leave marine life for future generations and achieve a symbiotic relationship with our oceans.

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Ecoworks starter kit

$225.15$237.00 +tax (-5%)

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