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From $6 to $8 USD per Unit and from $12.510 to $13.140 USD per 100.000 Units


Made from Durable EPDM rubber, the unique sleeve design allows the clamp jacket to slip over the tail of a worn gear hose to provide a worker protection from cuts and abrasion from exposed clamp tails. These jackets are available in 4 sizes (Matching standard hose clamp width). On top of the obvious protection advantages of the clamp jacket gives your work a clean finished look.

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  • Put an end to exposed hose clamp tails! Clamp Jackets by PYI Inc. protect users from cuts and scrapes caused by the sharp ends of hose clamps.

Dimensions & measurements

Temperature range:-65 to +300 Celsius
Material durometer of: 70+/-5(Shore A)
Tensile Strength of: 14.3 MPa


The Clamp Jacket is manufactured from EPDM Rubber EPDM is extremely resistant to weathering and performs well in brake fluids, acid, alkalis, ketones, oil and greases, and steam (up to 400 degrees).
Non-slip grips on the sides for easy installation and removal.

What makes this product special?

The Clamp Jacket is ideal for a multitude of projects including marine, automotive, industrial, military and even around the house. Stop cutting yourself and order your clamp jackets. In the end they are cheaper than band-aids.

  • Protects against cuts and scrapes
  • Very Durable and temperature resistant
  • Can stretch to accommodate multiple applications
  • Cost Effective and aesthetically pleasing
  • Will not shake loose during operation